Other Work


In nearly two decades as a professional jeweler I’ve made an awful lot of jewelry. Here’s a small gallery of just a few of the custom pieces I’ve made. There are complete tutorials for a few of these pieces on my Instructables page.


Jewelry repair

As well as making custom jewelry I also do a lot of jewelry repair and refurbishing. Here’s an example of a ring that was very close to being beyond salvage due to severe wear and what it looked like before and after I rebuilt it. One whole side of the ring was gone and nearly all of the detail/engraving was worn away. Making the cutout pattern in the side of the ring was really tricky as the openings are incredibly small- a #80 drill was still far too large to use so I had to make my own custom microscopic cutting tools to cut out the pattern.

IMG_1573IMG_15700022 0023

Here’s another ring that was pretty much considered a lost cause when it was brought to me. It’s a beautiful early 1900’s Platinum ring that was mangled in an accident. After some very careful straightening and reconstruction it was once again ready to be worn by its owner.

Art work

I’ve been drawing since I was a little kid. While I like painting I really enjoy drawing with pencil- there’s just something that is so simple, clean and elegant about pencil drawings. When drawing I tend to prefer subjects of a more technical nature and I’ve found motorcycles to be an ideal subject. I prefer to draw on 15 x 20 illustration board with a 4H drafting pencil.

HondaElf2 HarleyVR1000 CagivaV591 Britten V-1100

The next two paintings shown were done in the early 90’s. My own paintings were more abstract in nature but at a few gallery openings I had several people that didn’t believe artists that did abstract work could really paint so I painted an oil study of Ruben’s Venus and Adonis and hung it next to my own work at an opening, which certainly raised a few eyebrows. I studied a lot of Old Masters work and painted it using techniques identical to the original, except on a smaller size canvas (approximately 47″ x 57″.) The color is a bit off in this photo (skin tones and blues are lighter in person) but it’s the only photo I have. I think it was the second oil painting I had ever done and after finishing it I realized I really liked painting with oils compared to acrylics.

painting1 VenusandAdonis


Before I became a jeweler I spent many years working in the bicycle industry- from the mid 80’s to the late 90’s. I worked in R&D at a company called Onza designing mountain bike components and was later one of the founders of Real Design. At Real my official title was Creative Director/Vice President- I did about 40% of the product design and built prototypes, helped solve manufacturing  problems, wrote product instructions and I handled most of the advertising, catalog and packaging design.

During my time in the bicycle industry I also designed and built several bicycle frames of my own design including suspension mountain bikes, road racing frames, time trial frames and even a BMX frame.

Onza products

At Onza I worked on tire designs, clipless pedals, brakes, bar ends, grips and cranksets.

Ticranks2 Ticranks1 Ticranksa H.O.pedalsOnzaprotobrakes.jpg~originalOnzaprotobrakes1.jpg~original AggroHonchtiresIMG_1925_zps7fc844bd IMG_1926_zps162f6150 IMG_1927_zpsc2c047aaChillPillcablehanger

Real Design

At Real I worked on hubs, bottom brackets, brake levers, cassette gears and chainrings (the chainrings were not however designed by me but by another very talented designer.)

XLever LeversBottombrackets HubsCassettesprockets downhillchainring chainringsBrakePads.jpg~original IMG_1981_zpseaaec6df.jpg~originalIMG_1978_zps36f5506e.jpg~original IMG_1979_zps6d1ecaca.jpg~original

IMG_1983_zps3ca21acd.jpg~original IMG_1986_zpsc5f2fa6f.jpg~original IMG_1991_zps12ad8a06.jpg~original


I have very few pictures of the bicycle frames I’ve built and I can only assume photos of earlier frames were lost during moving. The only pictures I have are of the road racing frame I built around 1995 (which I still have and it still rides beautifully) as well as an early URT suspension bike (which was very crude but rode surprisingly well) and a later version of the same URT design. Both of the suspension bikes were built as quick proof of concept prototypes to verify the design actually worked as intended.

Roadbike1 Roadbike2 Roadbike3 Roadbike4 URTsuspensionprotoypeF9KX7N5Z93ET2JY0ES.LARGE FGYEEUMW4TET2JY0C6.LARGE

There’s more information on the suspension bike here and here.  More info on the road bike here.

Here’s a couple short video clips showing the suspension bike-


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