Projects in progress

Cosplay animatronic wings

Hellboy Elemental egg

Stargate Zat weapon

Completed projects

Animatronic Stargate Horus helmet (screen accurate)

This is my second Horus helmet project and this time I’m working with a friend- he’s providing a set of awesome fiberglass castings and I’m doing the animatronics work. This helmet is a big step up from my previous low budget version with greatly improved mechanics and build quality. Unlike my previous helmet this one is radio control, just like the original movie helmets.

There are updated build logs posted on this site as well as the companion forum. It can also be viewed on Instructables,  Tested, Hackaday and the Replica Prop Forum.

Animatronic Stargate Horus helmet

I love the movie Stargate (as well as the TV series SG-1) and I always wanted a Horus guard helmet. This was a low budget build using Pepakura, card stock, craft foam and paper mache. Considering how quick it was to make and the low cost I was pretty happy with how it turned out.

There’s a full build tutorial with patterns on Instructables.




Animatronic Iron Man suit

This was a massive project. I somehow managed to stuff twenty servo motors, controller boards, sound board and battery packs into my friend’s wearable fiberglass Iron Man suit. RFID tags in the gloves trigger the shoulder rocket pods, hip pods, forearm missile, back flaps and helmet. The helmet has wireless control via XBee radios. The boots light up and make sound while walking by using an infrared distance sensor in the boot to trigger the effect.

There’s a complete build tutorial on Instructables.

IMG_1058 IMG_0760 IMG_0255 IMG_0093 IMG_1384

I also rigged up another friend’s Iron Man helmet with animatronics.


Animatronic Predator cannon

This was a rush job for a friend for the Jamie Hall Predator suit up at Monsterpalooza- Jamie is the nephew of Kevin Peter Hall (the actor that played the Predator in the films.)  Once I received the backpack and cannon castings I only had a few days to get it up and running, which was quite a challenge. Jamie also wore this suit for the Super Power Beat Down: Predator vs. Wolverine.

There’s a complete write up on Instructables.

IMG_0185 13665721050001366550697000feeb1526-3b4e-42cc-8534-fcb0d0607b13_1024IMG_0128IMG_0153 IMG_0150IMG_0159

I had also previously made a head tracking animatronic Predator cannon

There is a write up on the head tracking system on Instructables.



Animatronic Predator AVP cannon

This was a project for friend who wanted a cool desktop display. He sent me his awesome AVP cannon castings so I could make it move and add sound effects. It was a really fun project! There’s a build write up here.



Functional Doctor Who sonic screwdriver (custom)

This was made for my son who really wanted a working sonic screwdriver. It measures (and logs) temperature, humidity, finger pressure and ambient light level. It has a a blue sonic light and sound effect for the “sonic” function. There’s a complete build tutorial here.

IMG_0356 IMG_0370 IMG_2281


Iron Man arc reactors

Pics of a second generation arc reactor (before Iron Man 2 was released.) These were made for a client that wanted them for a custom Iron Man themed motorcycle build. Construction is stainless steel, brass and aluminum with a stainless backing plate so they could withstand heat and vibration. The front lens is clear acrylic. I made a quick 3D model to make sure the client liked the look before I began construction.

There’s 26 stainless steel parts, 32 welded joints, 40 soldered joints, 3 acrylic lenses, 2 machined aluminum parts, 50 micro sized brass hex head bolts, 6 allen head bolts, 50ft. of copper wire, 9 surface mount LEDs, 9 surface mount resistors, 2 circuit boards and 1 brass mesh piece in each reactor.

DSCN0377DSCN0380  ArcReactorSketchUp

The first reactor I made was a quick one week done build right after the first movie was released- there was very little information at the time regarding detailed images of the movie prop. It was made almost entirely from bits and pieces found in my junk box. In an odd twist of fate this arc reactor I made was used in the actual Invincible Iron Man comic series when Pepper Potts gets the Rescue suit. It’s even shown on the Marvel Database wiki. Crazy!

There’s a build tutorial for these arc reactors on Instructables.


IMG_2613 IMG_2615


Animatronics wireless controller board

A small Arduino powered board I made for controlling servos. It has built in charging for single cell LiPo and a socket for an XBee radio for wireless connectivity. There’s a build tutorial with lots of code examples on Instructables.



Green Lantern glowing rings

Light up Green Lantern rings I made for both the comic and movie version rings. There are complete tutorials on Instructables here and here.



MiB blasters and Galaxy Holder

This was a really fun Halloween costume. There’s  no tutorial for the Galaxy Holder but there is one for the blasters on Instructables.

MiBHalloween03 GalaxyHolder1GalaxyHolder2TribarrelCons1 PulsarblasterCons1


Ghostbusters proton pack, ghost trap and ecto goggles

This was my first foray many years ago into serious costume building. As such I could definitely build it a lot better now and maybe I’ll revisit it someday as it’s such a great costume. I made two proton packs, the ghost trap and two sets of ecto goggles in two weeks and on a very limited budget. The proton packs had working lights for the power cell and cyclotron and the ghost trap had a working LED lights. There’s a short build tutorial on Instructables.

Packc Packb gbcostumebackTrap3Pedal2Trap1Goggles2


Boba Fett helmet and jetpack

These were made from cardboard for a super low budget Fett costume. This was done well before the Pepakura craze caught hold and a lot of people were very surprised it was cardboard. There’s a helmet tutorial and a tutorial for the rest of the costume.

helmetfinished jetpackfinished1


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