And so it begins…

I needed a mandrel to use as a form for shaping the Hellboy egg shell. I found a wood egg at a local craft store for $2. The length is about right but unfortunately the diameter is way off. I also don’t know if the film version had a round or flat bottom since it’s very hard to tell by watching the film. I’m guessing there were a couple of versions of the small egg in the film. The open version that you see standing on its own was able to rotate on the box top in the film (during the sequence when Nuada is assembling it) so I’m thinking the bottom had a flat area where it was attached to the table/rotating mechanism- it looks like it does when you get a very brief side view of it in the film. The egg that Nuada is holding in his hand is first the small version (closed) when he takes it out of his pocket, then switches to the large version during the opening sequence and then switches back to the small version (opened) when he removes the elemental bean- all of these appear to have a round bottom but I can’t be 100% sure due to the angles at which it is seen.


In order to make this wood egg work I coated it with a layer of ApoxieSculpt and then turned it on a lathe. I printed out a line drawing of an egg that appeared to be the correct shape and then used that to cut out a template. While turning the egg shape on the lathe I could then use this template to check the shape of the egg. The turned egg is approximately 3 7/8″ tall and 2 7/8″ diameter.

The egg mandrel has to be slightly smaller than actual size due to the thickness of the brass sheet used- I’m starting off with material around .030″ thick but I can run it through a rolling mill if I need to reduce the thickness slightly. Once I anneal it I’ll hammer form it over the egg mandrel and then trim each panel to the required shape. Believe it or not that’s actually the easy part. The tough part of the fabrication is all of the pivot points required as they really can’t have any slop in them if it is to close correctly. I’m still finalizing all of the mechanics but I think I have the assembly sequence and how all of the parts have to fit together mostly figured out.



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