Hellboy Elemental Egg

With the Stargate helmet finished and the animatronic wings well under way I’ve been thinking about making the Elemental Egg from Hellboy II: The Golden Army. This is a project I’ve wanted to tackle for quite a while and after giving it a fair bit of thought I think I have a good idea as to how to make it.

For the film I believe two eggs were constructed; the first actual size (I’m guessing approximately 4″ long with a 3″ diameter, maybe even a bit smaller?) and a second that was quite large that was used for the sequence where the egg opens up to reveal the elemental bean- I’m guessing that it was either animatronic or cable control.

What I want to make is an actual size egg that opens up- an animatronic egg display piece. I plan to do this by having the egg mounted to a base and having servos open the upper section and the lower section of the egg. The servos will be hidden in a box underneath the egg. The lower section is pretty tricky as there are 24 individual plates that open outward and they open at different rates. I would also like to make the bean glow during the animation sequence. At this point I think I have the majority of the mechanics figured out and I plan to construct the egg shell by forming brass sheet over a mandrel. I imagine one of the hardest things to accomplish will be having the plates close properly- it will require very precise fitting and manufacturing of the mechanics.

This is going to be a tough project!

A couple of screen caps-




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