Stargate Horus is done!

Got both of the fan mechanisms installed yesterday- really tricky to get them aligned properly. I also changed the way the head shell mounts to the head mechanism. I’ll shoot a build video this weekend that shows all of the movements and how it all works. After that it’s time for this bird to leave the nest and travel to its new home and get a proper paint job.



New Project- Asuna cosplay wings

I’ve been wanting to make a set of animatronic wings for some time so when I was asked to make these I pretty much jumped at the chance. This is a pretty challenging project for a couple of reasons. First, wings put a pretty big strain on servo motors so you need really powerful /durable servos and you need to make the wings very light weight. Second, there’s no room to mount any hardware! You can’t put the servos, batteries and controller board under the clothes and the mechanics are fairly complex as all four wings need to move up and down and flap forward and back. Everything has to fit behind the costumer’s back. You also need a hidden harness to support the wings. The trick with this project is not only to get everything to work properly but to make it look right. While there’s absolutely no way to make it look exactly like the pictures below I do believe it’s possible to get close enough and maintain the look of the character while still getting those awesome wings to move properly.

Stay tuned!