Video series will begin soon!

Here’s the rough outline for the video series. Some of this may change in order but I’m going to try and get a new video up every week (or whenever I get around to it- LOL!)

Some videos may be fairly short (5-10 minutes) while some could end up being quite lengthy… Episode listing (rough idea)-

  1. Intro/system design- Block diagrams, planning movements, wiring considerations
  2. Microcontrollers- Arduino, RaspPi, BeagleBone Black, SparkCore, progamming
  3. Power Batteries, voltage regulators, boost converters, charging issues
  4. Servos- Analog vs. digital, choosing the right servo, power requirements, servo attachments, range of movement
  5. Radio control When to use a radio vs. microcontroller, using PWM switches, antenna issues, programming
  6. Sensors RFID, bend sensors, FSRs, soft pots, accelerometers, switches
  7. Sound effects WaveShield, sound chips, amplifiers
  8. Mechanics overview Gear drives, sliding mechanisms, bearings, bushings, servo mounts, control rods, cable drive
  9. Tools Basic tool kit, advanced tools

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