Animatronics forum is finally up!

After much discussion with a few friends I finally caved and created a forum to help all of my costuming and prop building friends with their animatronic and electronic needs. I get countless emails and messages asking for help with projects and I figured it was time to create a forum where like minded individuals can gather to help each other and discuss their projects.

There are separate categories for general project discussion, hardware, software, tools and fabrication along with multiple sub forums to make it easy to navigate. There’s also a gallery so everyone can show off all of their hard work. I’ll also be doing a regular “how to” video blog series to help get people started on their projects and I’ll continue to make videos as I work on projects I have in the pipeline.

Adding animatronics and electronics to props and costumes can be a complex and daunting task but the results are definitely worth it. Whether you’re just looking to add a few blinking LEDs or make a complete animatronic Iron Man suit, this forum will give you someplace to go to make your awesome costumes and props even more awesome.

Have a look around or jump right in and join the forum- it’ll be a lot of fun and I guarantee you’ll learn something new.

DIY Animatronics forum



2 thoughts on “Animatronics forum is finally up!

  1. Jerome,
    This sounds like an amazing amount of work but a true labor of love. I’d like to thank you for undertaking it and assure you of how much you’ll be helping people…..I’m sure many more people will read, watch and learn silently than the number that will actually post feedback for you!
    I’m really looking forward to the video series and have already registered on the website. Thanks again so much for this resource!!

    Holly-The Tinkerers Apprentice


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